Strategic Consulting
& Storytelling Agency

Their essence

Discovery Channel is a global brand that is dedicated to creating high quality content based on real life events.
Their mission is to inform, entertain and satisfy their audiences needs by offering a wide range of programs in the fields of science, nature, history, human adventure and world culture.

Their goal

To re-think their digital strategy and to position the Channel amongst the highest competitors.

Our work
& Results

We investigated the market, analyzed the competition and the content strategy that was being used. We designed a new digital strategy so as to achieve the pan-regional presence of Discovery Channel and Discovery Home & Health on social media. We created pan-regional content in order to help position the brand, their digital communities and to build brand love.

We reached 800.000 followers on the Discovery’s Twitter account and 90.000 on the H&H account. Their interactions and reach increased by 100%.

We posted content that was liked by more than 100.000 people.
We built a solid Instagram Community by creating high impact visuals.


new followers.


launches of new shows and premieres.


growth in followers and reach within the Instagram community, creating high-impact visual content.


people liked a Discovery Home&Health post.