Strategic Consulting
& Storytelling Agency

Their essence

To help Latin America grow
by promoting regional trade.

Their goal

To boost the overall communication of
the IDB Trade area and its executives.



Our work
& Results

We have been working alongside IDB INTAL and IDB Trade for the past five years. After training different teams located both in Buenos Aires and in Washington in digital skills, we helped them create their digital channels from scratch. Along with this, we assisted them in developing content strategy and managing their social media.

We covered over 30 events in Buenos Aires vía Twitter, this helped to position the INTAL department as a real-time reference for influencers within the industry. We took their Twitter account from 600 to 6000 followers, quadrupling their reach and interactions. We advised and assisted their team in the implementation of a new SEO strategy and in the investment in Google Adwords and Twitter Ads.

To this day, the sectors social media along with several of it’s executives are references within the IDB and other international organizations for their positioning and communication.


trained in Washington.

from 600
to 6.000

followers in the INTAL Twitter account, quadrupling their reach and interactions.


of INTAL Buenos Aires covered on social media.


people engage monthly with an IDB executives digital identity on Linkedin and Twitter.