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& Storytelling Agency

Their essence

Messis is an insurance company with over 30 years in the business. They distinguish themselves due to their excellent customer care, their experience in the market and the seriousness with which they conduct their work.

Their goal

To transform their business into a new digital unit, with a new value proposal.

Out work
& Results

The Messis team came to us looking to create a new app. We proposed a workshop to re think their digital business, it was necessary to work alongside them in order to transform their value proposal. The workshop resulted in a new brand, a new website, new social media, blog — along with launching it all into the market.

Digital Transformation

Storytelling & development of a concept for their brand

& Branding

Digital Strategy
& Content Marketing

Digital Transformation

Hand-in-hand with the Messis team, we carried out a workshop in order to envision their digital business from square one. How did they imagine their new relationship with clients? With the competition? With the data and innovation? But mainly, what would their new value proposal be? With the results of that workshop we were able to generate a roadmap for the creation and implementation of their new business unit.

& Branding

Together with our associates, we created the name and visual identity of the new business unit: SoySeguro.
In a co-creation process with the client, we selected names, registered the brand and created a visual identity, using the information we gathered in the digital transformation workshop.

Storytelling &
Visual System

Once the brand was created we moved forwards towards the creation of the brand archetype, the communicational pillars, the voice of the brand and what stories we were going to tell on the different communication channels. Once this was established, we developed the visual system in different assets such as Social Media, E-mail Mkt. and Blog. Then, to top it all off, we created the brand concept for its launch.